Be Prepared with Our Bite-Sized Travel Tips - Page 3

25. Hotels and Accomodation

Last minute hotel bookings are a great way to score deals.

26. Money

Travel doesn't have to be expensive, try camping or a home swap.

27. Holidays

Thanksgiving is the perfect time time travel internationally as most people only travel locally.

28. Tips

Check your passport expiration date before travelling. Some countries need 6 months validity.

29. Technology

Visit travel websites with a privacy browser to avoid your search history being used to increase prices.

30. Hotels and Accomodation

The valet and bellhop can get you things only locals have access to.

31. Hotels and Accomodation

Ask for free drinks. Hotels with restaurants sometimes have drink tickets they hand out for free.

32. Hotels and Accomodation

Check in between 3 and 5 pm when it's less busy and staff can give you special attention.

33. Hotels and Accomodation

Leave a video review or include your photo in your profile so staff recognize you when you return.

34. Flying

Mark your bag with a name tag or colourful ribbons. Nearly 3% of every 1000 fliers lose their baggage while flying domestic.

35. Flying

Keep valuables in carry on luggage. Things like gadgets and expensive accessories are safer by your side.

36. Flying

Avoid wearing a belt or jewelry for hassle free security check-in.