Be Prepared with Our Bite-Sized Travel Tips - Page 7

73. Hotels and Accomodation

Take your hotel's details with you. If you find yourself in trouble you can show it to a local who can guide you in the right direction.

74. Transport

Take a photo of your taxi’s license plate before getting in. If something goes wrong it will help authorities identify it.

75. Transport

Don’t get into a taxi with other people in it. You never know who you can trust.

76. Money

Don’t keep all your money in your wallet in case you are robbed. Spread it around you i.e. pockets, socks etc.

77. Money

Use a decoy wallet with useless cards and small notes to hand over if robbed.

78. Tips

Carry a photocopy of your passport at all times.

79. Transport

Don’t pay until you’re out of the taxi and have your luggage.

80. Hotels and Accomodation

Try negotiating with a hotel that isn’t fully booked. You might get a better deal.

81. Hotels and Accomodation

Ask for late check-out when you arrive. Some hotels let you check-out as late as 4pm.

82. Hotels and Accomodation

If you have a late flight, hang around after check-out and use the business center, pool etc. before heading to the airport.

83. Tips

Avoid looking like a tourist. Tourists are targeted by scammers.

84. Tips

Stick to large crowds to avoid becoming a victim of serious crimes.