Be Prepared with Our Bite-Sized Travel Tips - Page 5

49. Hotels and Accomodation

Hotel corner rooms tend to be bigger and have more windows with natural light.

50. Technology

Don't worry about a lost phone charger. Most hotel receptions have extra chargers that fit popular phones.

51. Tips

Research your destination before packing your bags so you only take what you need.

52. Hotels and Accomodation

Use hotel amenities. Ask for turn down service, help with reservations and more.

53. Food

Bring a water bottle and use the hotels filtered water instead of buying plastic bottles of water.

54. Hotels and Accomodation

Reschedule a hotel stay for a different date instead of cancelling to avoid extra fees.

55. Health

When traveling you are exposed to new germs. Make sure you wash your hands often.

56. Health

Use hand cream to moisturize while traveling to prevent irritated, cracked skin and avoid infections.

57. Health

Shower after a long day of traveling. Good hygiene keeps you safe and showers help you relax.

58. Food

Eat healthy, non-perishable snacks while traveling to keep your energy up and stay in a good mood.

59. Health

Get a flu shot before traveling to avoid falling ill in a foreign country.

60. Food

Finish your drinks before entering airport security.