Be Prepared with Our Bite-Sized Travel Tips - Page 8

85. Tips

Avoid shortcuts, always stay in view of others in case you need help.

86. Hotels and Accomodation

Don’t use the “Clean My Room” sign. It shows you’re out and your room is empty. Rather ask reception directly.

87. Flying

The middle seats at the back of the plane have the highest survival rate in the event of a crash.

88. Flying

Direct flights are safer than multiple connecting flights. Most plane accidents happen at take off and landing.

89. Flying

Stowing personal items on take off and landing prevents these items from becoming projectiles in the event of an accident.

90. Flying

Always check under your seat for a life vest. Sometimes passengers take them leaving you in danger of being without one.

91. Flying

Overhead air vents blow filtered air over you creating a germ free barrier around you.

92. Flying

Book a seat at the back to increase your chances of an upgrade. Back row passengers sometimes get moved forward if the plane is 'tail heavy'

93. Hotels and Accomodation

Use a shower cap to cover the TV remote. TV remotes are the dirtiest items in a hotel room.

94. Hotels and Accomodation

Don’t use the safe in your hotel room, staff have access to them. Instead ask to use the safe deposit box in the hotel lobby.

95. Tips

Keep your travel plans to yourself. Criminals listening to your conversations may target you if they know where you are going.

96. Money

Only use ATMs during the day when there are more people around and you are safer.