Be Prepared with Our Bite-Sized Travel Tips - Page 6

61. Flying

Wipe down seat belts and armrests when you sit down on an airplane.

62. Hotels and Accomodation

Hotel rooms on higher floors are less noisy than street level rooms.

63. Hotels and Accomodation

Use the hotel's TV USB port to charge your phone or other devices.

64. Packing

Use a shower cap to pack muddy or wet items in your luggage.

65. Packing

Put a scented soap bar in your luggage if your clothes are beginning to smell.

66. Packing

Check everything in your hotel room before unpacking. Changing rooms if there is a problem is easier if you’re still packed.

67. Technology

Plug a Chromecast or Roku Express into the hotel TV to enjoy your favorite shows while traveling.

68. Flying

Take your own blanket on flights. Airplane pillows and blankets aren’t washed between flights.

69. Flying

Some airlines offer free coloring books and puzzles for kids to keep them busy on flights.

70. Flying

Airplane window shades should be opened before landing so your eyes are adjusted to outside light in case of an emergency.

71. Flying

Many airlines train their flight attendants in self defense to handle problem passengers. Be nice, don’t be the problem.

72. Technology

Don’t use public wifi, you never know who is in control. Use mobile data instead.